Single-Head Draw Frame RSB-D 50 -
New dimension in productivity, quality and easy operation

  An unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards - that is offered by the new RSB-D 50 single-head draw frame generation.
  The patented drive technique ECOrized as well as an innovative autoleveler and fiber guidance allow up to 33 % higher delivery speed. The new machine generation uses 25 % fewer belts and saves up to 1 000 Euro per year in energy costs.  
  The unique SLIVERprofessional expert system is integrated on the easy-to-use touchscreen. Assortment changeover times are significantly reduced. Superb scanning precision and highest autolevelling dynamics ensure outstanding sliver evenness. A patented sliver coiling sensor guarantees precise coiling from the very first centimeter.  
Let yourself be convinced by our short product film about the new RSB-D 50 draw frame generation.
  Further Information? Website of the new RSB-D 50



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