Founded on the development of the world's first fully automated glove knitting machine, we at SHIMA SEIKI Mfg., Ltd. have continually challenged ourselves to develop innovative technology under our corporate motto "Ever Onward." Now, SHIMA SEIKI has evolved into a highly trusted manufacturer of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, computerized flatbed knitting machines and computer graphic design systems, with a leadership role in a variety of industries worldwide.
Ever Onward- Breakthrough

In salute to the 55th Anniversary of Shima Seiki, the new WHOLEGARMENT® activewear collection with the theme “Ever Onward” on behalf of our company, while the idea was inspired by the corporate motto.

Dynamic and structural silhouettes built by the latest seam-free WHOLEGARMENT®  technology, which features stylish and comfortable “second skin” fit of these training apparels. This collection filled with energetic colour, like red and orange, plus fractal/ geometric pattern. Most of the styles also weaved-in the word “Ever Onward” and our corporate name “Shima Seiki”, which motivates us to “Breakthrough”.

These jacquard patterns are stitched in brand new ‘Inlay Jacquard’ which are exclusively created by machine with loop presser such as WHOLEGARMENT®. Jacquard pattern would no longer be produced with floating yarn at the back, which makes the garment remarkably light weight, thin and soft touch. 

The use of APEX 3 for this seam-free collection starts from the initial stage of design till completion. Before knitting an actual sample, designer used Design, PGM and 3Dmodeling function to create vivid ‘virtual samples’; modify the design and pattern plus check the 3D image from all angles. Time and costs caused by sampling procedure are greatly reduced.

APEX 3 now plays an important role of design system and lead the knitwear industry to Computerization Era.

WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machine

The new MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT specialty machine features 4 needlebeds and SHIMA SEIKI’s original SlideNeedle, the combination of which is considered ideal for producing WHOLEGARMENT knitwear in all needles. MACH2XS furthermore features the world's first application of SHIMA SEIKI's patented spring-type sinkers on a 4-needlebed machine, permitting high quality knitting of complex fabrics and unprecedented capability in WHOLEGARMENT knitting.

3D Design System

The greatest adventage to using SHIMA SEIKi's SDS-ONE APEX3 3D Design System is its 3D simulation capability. Conventionally, a significant amount of time and cost is spent among product planning and production departments, for repeatedly checking and modifying such design elements as pattern, silhouette, color and texture. By taking advantage of the capabilities of SDS-ONE APEX3, it is possible for both planning and production to share a clear image of the design before an actual sample is produced, drastically improving efficiency in the production process.


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